Month: September 2013

22/09/13 Deals

On vstbuzz there’s a great deal on Drumasonic 2 “a comprehensive virtual drum sound library with top of the line recording quality, flexibility and sonic versatility, developed with minute attention to detail, meeting the high standards required by professional drummers and mixing engineers.” Over at izotope, there a cracking bargain: Nectar Elements is a toolkit for working with vocals, and it’s down from $129 to $49 with electronic delivery.  “Getting a great vocal sound doesn’t need to be hard. Whether you’re recording or you’re mixing, Nectar Elements makes vocal treatment a snap. Get great results quickly by loading one of Nectar’s...

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Free Trip Hop Sample Library

Courtesy of Zero G: SMOKE is a little gem! We’re offering the complete sample library to you, our newsletter subscriber, FREE OF CHARGE! Where’s the catch? There isn’t one! There are simply no strings attached to this offer – when we say free, we mean FREE. All you have to do is place Smoke in your shopping cart in our Download Shop, go to the checkout (with or without other products in your cart) and enter the discount coupon code FREEBIE, and complete the checkout process! It’s that simple! You do have to be a subscriber to this newsletter...

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What Now For Music Shops?

Ireland seemed to have bucked the global trend which saw the wholesale closures of music shops. The X-Music store opened at The Red Cow when musicians were increasingly starting to purchase online. In recent weeks, Waltons has opened a superstore in the Blanchardstown shopping center. Around the country, however, it’s a different story. The small music stores are closing. Look at Cork City. A few short years ago, you had Jeffers, Russells, and a number of others coming and going. In recent months, Cork’s most famous and oldest music store, Crowleys, closed its door for the final time. Now...

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Living With The Reaper

Reaper from Cockos is one of the newer DAWs on the marketplace. Along with other newcomers like Ableton and Studio One, it helped to shake up an industry that was starting to stagnate. Just when it seemed like Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar et al weren’t really trying anymore, along came a DAW with a hugely liberal try-before-you buy policy, low price tag, and routing abilities that the big boys couldn’t even approximate. I’ve been recording on computers since the mid 90s, first with Cool Edit and Goldwave, then with Cakewalk, Fruity Loops (now FL Studio), and many others. I...

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