Month: April 2014

THE PAVILION Cork May Gig Listings

MAY AT THE PAVILION OM UNIT/ CIAN FINN/ FRANK B/ JOHN COOPER CLARKE/ BADBADNOTGOOD/ MICK FLANNERY + BAND Thursday 1st May HOPE IS NOISE / ORDER OF THE MESS 9pm – free entry – bar Hope is Noise is made up of four school friends who have been playing together in different bands for over 12 years. They jam, record and play live for nothing more than the sheer enjoyment music gives them. Life should not just be a nine-to-five job. Friday 2nd May FILTH 10pm – €7 before 11pm / €10 after – club From deeper shades of...

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Majestic Bears – Poems Addressed To The Sea [EP]

Poems Addressed To The Sea will gently carry you away beyond the sea and to familiar places of simple beauty. Majestic Bears have only been playing live for just over a year but you can tell by this EP that they have spent that time on crafting their sound, and their debut EP is something to be proud of. Their modern blend of a classic / vintage sound has infused a refreshing twist of folk fuelled melodies dancing around Americana harmonies. ‘Victim of Fate’ is a toe tapping gem that will ear worm its way into your summer as...

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Silent Noise Parade – Fears [Single]

SNP have been making huge noises within the music industry over the last year, not only here but in The States, Australia and The UK too. With their defined dark electro synth driven sound it’s easy to see how SNP would be a huge hit live, and playing live is something SNP have been doing extensively, especially in 2013. But when you do get to see them live you’ll see that there is a lot more to these lads from Limerick than the tag (I’m also guilty of using) ‘dark electro synth’ Smart intelligent lyrics, great melodies and a...

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Yearning Curve Interview

Yearning Curve release their new album, “Murder Machine” on May 1st. Bairbre took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Ivan O’Donoghue. Tell us a little about the genesis of the group. We met at the Cork Academy of Music (where Lawrence teaches) a few years ago and just found ourselves playing together more and more. We recorded an EP last year, toured it around Ireland and then all these ‘murder machine’ songs started coming out. Your songs are based on weighty topics – whistleblowers, famine, historic wrongdoings, and more. Do you feel that music can play...

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