Month: December 2014

A Few of My Favourite Things of 2014 – John Loftus

I was delighted to be asked by the wonderful music blog to provide a few of my “best of” musical moments of 2014 but rather than do that as it’s always a little presumptuous to declare something the best when all you’re really doing is offering your opinion so instead here are a few of my favourite musical things of 2014. Favourite Irish Song Sisters – Hush Hush – This Limerick band in exile have spent most of the past 12-18 months in London honing their sound under the watchful eye of Al O’Connor and despite having only...

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Mags Blackburn’s Best of 2014

2014 has been a bumper year of great Irish music. Not only is the scene expanding on all levels but Irish acts are gaining even more, and well deserved, international attention. Let’s start with the growth of the Irish music scene. Not only does Ireland play host to some of the bigger music festivals in Europe but there is a burgeoning scene of smaller festivals making Irish music even more accessible. Add to this more and more venues are popping up and even developing their own mini festivals further supporting local talent. Of the bigger festivals Electric Picnic 2014...

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Bairbre Flood (Yearning Curve) presents her Top 10 of 2014

1. ‘No Privatisation, Irish Water, Irish Nation’ – The Rolling Tav Revue. Performed live at the recent Right2Water march, this is one of my favourite of the many anti-water privatisation songs out this year. Gyp/hop (Gaelic Gypsy hip/hop), fiery violins, succinct lyrics. 2. ‘Alternative Route’ –  aN’ iVISIBLE  dICTATORSHIP From the artist also known as Captain Moonlight has the lyrics harder than a hurley we’ve come to expect from the Kilkenny native. 3. ‘Standard’ – God Knows + mynameisjOhn political, not Political. 4. ‘Educated Fools’ – Sandra McShane ‘An old paradigm you’re stuck in/you don’t even know/but let that child...

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Hidden Highways Release a New Video

Hidden Highways have just shared a new video for “Next Time Round”  a track taken from the bands debut album Old Hearts Reborn ,which is just a year old.  ...

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