Month: November 2015

Interview with Rews

I reviewed the lead single from Rews “Can You Feel it” when it was released in October and I was struck by the powerful presence of the two girls both on track and in the video. So when I got the opportunity to chat to them about what 2016 holds I was only too stoked. And, seeing as I have predicted big things for these two ladies I have a lot riding on this. It was in speaking to them that I was reminded of the correlation between music and writing where the nuance of language becomes important. For...

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King Kong Company – Album Launch at The Academy

King Kong Company are coming and they are coming to rock your local bingo hall, with hypnotic jello molds and grannies on acid. At least that’s what you would expect from watching the video for their first track from their self titled debut album. “Spacehopper” by the bands own admission is their biggest hit and it’s a pretty massive track full of humor and irony and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Waterford group. Having reunited in 2010 the band have embarked on several projects. “Projects like the 12 videos in 12 months just wouldn’t have been possible...

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August Wells – “A Living and a Dying Game” Album Review

It’s been one hell of a year for New York based band August Wells. They seized our attention with several brilliantly arranged stand alone singles and an Irish tour. Now they are getting set for the Irish release of their debut album “A Living & a Dying Game” on FIFA Records ahead of the release of their second album in the Spring of 2016. The group, led by singer Ken Griffin with John Rauchenberger released the lead single and the accompanying video from “A Living And A Dying Game” titled “Alice, Dear Alice” on October 22nd and have announced...

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Neon Atlas Get Up Single Review

Band: Neon Atlas Single: Get Up Review: Bobby Green I remember reviewing Graffiti Reality earlier on this year and being really impressed with its quality and how as an album it worked really well. It wasn’t just a collection of their songs, it had a feel, a groove, an overall image. Get up is taken from this album and serves as a great snapshot of Graffiti Reality. Since releasing their second album in July of this year, they have been nominated for several awards in Ireland, and are attracting attention from both the UK and US. Gigging extensively through...

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