Month: July 2016

Opposing elements take centre stage for Talos

With it’s opposing elements of fire and water the FeelGoodLost team have produced another visually stunning video, this time for Cork band Talos’ new single “Your Love Is An Island”. “Your Love Is An Island” is the first track off Talos’ upcoming new EP “O Sanctum” due for release August 19th. Eoin Walsh as a singer is evolving and growing and you can hear it on this new track where it is dependent on his falsetto vocal against a bare backdrop until the electronic elements break in and eventually take over from 2:54. The track and video depict a...

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Wallis Bird reveals “Change”

Wallis Bird is the type of artist that will always remain true to herself. Her craft is an extension of that self and we will always see her in it. If she wants to go to her bedroom and record an album and stitch the cover by hand than that’s what she will do. “Change” is the first single off Bird’s new album “Home” which is set for release September 30th. And there is something in that title, “Home”, because clearly whatever Bird has found in the intervening years “Change” is one of her strongest efforts as she sounds...

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August Wells Limerick Show Review

The duo of Ken Griffins and John Rauchenberger played The Kasbha Social Club in Limerick last night (July 28th) presented by Seoda Shows as part of their Irish tour ahead of the release of their new album this autumn. Going through well known singles “Mister Sun”, “Here In The Wild” and “Come On In Out Of That Night” the band also waded through the depths of their current album “A Living And A Dying Game” with “Dancing”, “Paper Gardens” and “Broken Little Dreams”. Opening with “Mister Sun” Griffins introduced it as “this is about a city you hate but...

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New Music from New Portals

Belfast duo New Portals are proving to be quite the proactive pair. They have released material consistently since emerging onto the scene several months ago with “Skyline” but they have never sat back on their laurels as each track and project (check out the indie side project the Jepettos) which sees them broaden their horizons and explore new ideas. The most recent release “Cage” is yet another example of this. While still in the synth-pop genre where they are most comfortable the duo have shaken off the summery feel of before. The nuances behind “Cage” and its lyrics are...

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“Stages” from Frank And Walters

“Stages” is earmarked as the next single to be released from the Frank and Walters current album “Songs For The Walking Wounded”. The band play this weekends Indiependence Music & Arts Festival and we couldn’t send you off unprepared. One of the central themes to the album “Songs From The Walking Wounded” is the relationship between a father and son. “Stages” deals directly with the feelings behind that. Acknowledging the faults within the relationship, the stages in life each person is in, followed eventually by understanding. It goes beyond the duos relationship though and becomes a metaphor for society...

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