Day: June 3, 2017

Bobby Green reviews The Fontaines new single “Liberty Belle”

Review: Bobby Green I do get genuinely excited when I get to review a single that comes in under 3 minutes, and with “Liberty Belle” loaded up at 2.38 I thought I’d make myself a nice cup of tea and strap myself in for one hell of a ride. But this wasn’t quite what I expected….. This is beautiful basic Rock n Roll, the like I’ve not heard in some time. The Fontaines are a Dublin 5 piece that have been gigging around Dublin and impressing everyone who sees them. It’s like they’re showing us all the basics and...

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Sonera release new single Claustro

Review by Bobby Green “Claustro” is the deeply infectious groove laden alternative rock debut from Irish four piece Sonera. The band were formed from the remnants of Beautiful Corruption and consists of Oisin Wolfe, James Brown, Simon Cooke and Rory Cooper.   Speaking of the change they said. “Beautiful Corruption was a name we picked as 16 year olds, before Rory was even in the band and at a time when we may as well have been different people. We’ve grown and evolved as a band and for the last while we haven’t felt at home with that name. The...

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Warsaw Radio impress with “Still Have You To Hold”

  Review by Bobby Green There’s a whole plethora of reasons why certain bands make it and certain bands don’t, but those reasons get fewer and fewer when it comes down to longevity. And I believe that the main reason a band will stand the test of time is quality. Quality not only in the song but in the delivery, I’ve seen my fair share of great live bands but ultimately couldn’t deliver away from the stage and even more bands that are just shocking live. With this in mind I believe Warsaw Radio are a band of genuine...

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