Month: September 2017

In Tua Nua – Irish Tour

IRISH TOUR AUTUMN/WINTER 2017: It was 30 years ago this year that ‘In Tua Nua’ supported U2 on the European leg of The Joshua Tree Tour. They are now setting out on their first Irish Tour since 1988. The band toured extensively throughout Europe and the US during the 1980’s promoting their albums “Vaudeville” and “The Long Acre”. During the 80s In Tua Nua had 9 top 20 singles here in Ireland. One of Ireland’s premier live acts, they shared stages with Bob Dylan (Slane), Fleetwood Mac, and Eurythmics to name but a few while also opening on stadium tours for Simple Minds and of course U2. In Tua Nua reformed for some...

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Gillian McGee reviews the new album from Niall Connolly ahead of his dates in Dublin, Galway & Cork

Review by Gillian McGee It’s hard to believe that this marks the 8th studio album from Niall Connolly. A little bit because where did the time go. But mainly because when you listen to Dream Your Way Out of This One you can’t help but be struck by its freshness and at times almost raw sound. Connolly is someone who isn’t jaded by the album process or the gigging scene or tempted by the frills of overproduction so it all feels like a new venture.   That’s not to say that this isn’t a polished accomplished album – because...

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Bobby Green reviews Brash Isaac’s “In The Dark”

  Review by Bobby Green Brash Isaac’s latest offering is so infectious it you’ll swear you’ve heard it before. It’s the mark of quality song writing when a song can tap into your consciousness and create memories you don’t even have. Brash Isaac is the musical pursuit of Andrew Cameron. Combining folk song writing with a mixture of rock and pop, this beautiful music is both heartfelt and radio friendly. Combining vulnerable lyrics, along with an impressive handle on melody, they create an accidental pop music of sorts. But there is nothing accidental about the quality on offer here,...

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Zoo 2 set for Cork Opera House

In the late 90s, Zoo 2 staged a tribute production to U2’s ZOO TV show, using multiple screens and recreated video footage, the large stadium experience was brought to the small stage successfully delivering the audio-visual experience with perfection.   This show ran for a number of years, visiting the then, Point Depot, Millstreet – Green Glens, Waterfront Belfast and nearly every county in Ireland.   In the early 2005 ZOO 2 moved to USA where they have spent the last decade wooing American audiences with their passionate recreation of the U2 concert experience.   Recently ZOO 2 returned...

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Bobby Green review “Sun House” from Crojayn

Review by Bobby Green (Bobs Joint) Crojayn are an alternative style blues based rock band from the peoples republic. If you’ve not heard of them yet you very soon will. Their explosive sound is like dynamite to the senses and will leave you trembling with excitement. They formed in September 2013, at the ages of 13 – 15 and have been honing their craft ever since.  They have remained a self-managed band releasing their début eponymous EP in August 2015 to critical acclaim, building on their following they completing their first ever Irish tour in 2016 where they supported...

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