Day: October 20, 2017

Bobby Green recommends the Magic of NC Grey

Review by Bobby Green As the days turn into nights on these autumnal months the darkness brings with it a chill that needs to be kept at bay. Fires are lit, and soundtracks are chosen to accompany the soft crackle of the fire while the burning embers dance their way up the chimney.  On these long cold nights we sometimes call upon some old friends for company. Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane’s Love Supreme alone has kept me warm for a whole winter such is the strength of its magic. But now there’s a new Magic, a voice...

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Bobby Green falls for Duke Special’s poetry collaboration

  Review by Bobby Green The wondrous beauty of Duke Specials creative muse can sometimes bring a man to tears with its genius. But to also be gifted with a voice so delicious there could have been no other life for him but to do what he does. And with Hallow we have Duke focus his creative spark, dare I say fire, entirely on the poetry of Belfast poet Michael Longley. The seemingly effortless manor in which Duke translates these poems frames an already alluring work of beauty and delivers them with such a sweet kiss it’s impossible not...

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