Month: April 2018

An Album With Bite.

Review by Bobby Green With the music scene in Ireland enjoying such a golden period there’s a double edge sword that swings between us the listeners, the believers, the ones who allow the art to subcutaneously affect us and the artists who’s creativity inspires and enriches our lives. While on one hand we are all lucky that there is such an abundance of great music for us all to be inspired by, this makes it so much harder for talent to get noticed when we a spoiled for choice. Sometimes artistic merit will fall compromised on the floor for...

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Look At Them There – Blaze

By Bobby Green Blaze is the dreamy debut single from new group Them There. They consist of Former front man of Archive, Craig Walker, and ex-Nouvelle Vague singer, Phoebe Killdeer and the single is backed up with a superb remix by Orbit. ‘Blaze’ is a song written from two perspectives of the same situation: one trying to feel happy even when far from your loved ones, and one feeling sad imagining your loved ones far away and happy without you. This Electronica sound is massive now in Ireland and the talent the Irish have for lyrical content puts us...

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August Wells – Nothing like Love

Music for lovers of love…   Review By Bobby Green When pop stars sing about love my fists normally clench and I can feel myself getting angry. Not because I hate love songs, far from it. But because the love song is so cheapened by the mass market appeal of a pull on the emotional purse strings. That’s why when something of worth comes along it should be celebrated. I’m old enough to know that the multi layered complications of love can often dance around the obvious and lead you in an unfamiliar dance. Sometimes we learn the steps...

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Beautiful 13

By Bobby Green ‘13’ is the beautiful new offering from Ciaran Lavery lifted from his forthcoming album ‘Sweet decay’ that is set for release on the 13th April. Speaking about the new single, Ciaran said: “’13’ deals with my own fear, borne from an inability to handle long lasting love without contributing to its destruction. I cannot say it any plainer than that really. This song makes me feel uncomfortable. But I want to be as honest a songwriter as I can be; I don’t have any other choice but to face these things head on.” The honesty shines...

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Things are looking clearer for Sun.Set.Ships

By Bobby Green If I can’t quite put my finger on it, it inspires my curiosity. Sun.Set.Ships are a three-piece electronic indie group from Monaghan, Ireland. ‘Grandad Glasses’ will be the bands 4th self-released single. There’s no way this sits comfortably in any genre, and this makes it oh so beautiful. Written by the hand of guitarist/vocalist Ciaran Curley, ‘Grandad Glasses’ is a nostalgic exploration of friendship and unchanging relationships. Like many previous Sun.Set.Ships tracks, ‘Grandad Glasses’ is personal, honest and an ode to the characters surrounding the band, and like any music of any worth, write about what...

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