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Review by Bobby Green From time to time we are forced to stop whatever it is we are doing and take note. Mainly it’s a trigger that fires the bullet that halts us, but sometimes it’s a voice, a story that resonates with you and holds you in the moment. Damien J Brennan, who goes by the stage name Amos, is a singer-songwriter from Dundrum, Co. Down. On 7th September Amos releases ‘Battlecry’ the first single to be taken from his debut album Letting Go which will follow in 2018. He describes Battlecry as one of the most stripped...

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The Big Lovin’

Review by Bobby Green Good Pop will never die, it may look a bit strange from time to time but I feel that’s where its beauty is at its most potent. Spearheaded by his holiness Levi Lovell, The Big Lovin‘ took flight in 2017 when he returned from a six-year journey of self-discovery in the Far East. Stealing songs from the locals he met on his travels, Levi amassed a deep repertoire of sure-fire hits, seeking to make a quick buck on the capitalist markets of the West. Aided by a crack team of musicians, he reorganised his followers...

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David King Crazy Crow

Review by Bobby Green It was 2015 when I 1st heard David King sing the blues with his album Ruirteach Blues. It was the best blues I’d heard come from an Irish singer in a long time. Not just because of the raw talent that flowed through the album but because of the honesty of the performance and song writing. Anyone can play lip service to a genre, but whoring his soul to the blues isn’t what David King is about. You can tell he has it in his heart and it flows through his fingertips. Now he’s back...

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Daithi – In My Darkest Moments

Review by Bobby Green When art is at its most powerful it stops you, and the world around you, and for that moment it makes you think about whatever it is the artist is trying to convey. Be it a feeling, an emotion or a thought process, if it affects you in any way then it is truly great art because if we can’t be moved in anyway shape of form by it then what is its purpose? The latest release from Daithi (feat. The Sei), video directed by Lochlainn McKenna, is a multi-layered masterpiece that delivers on every...

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Runabay: Blink Of An Eye

Review by Bobby Green Blink of an Eye is the latest single by Northern Irish outfit Runabay and it’s the sound of Galaxy chocolate wrapped up in barbed wire. But sometimes we all go through pain to get what we desire. “Blink of an Eye is essentially about putting yourself out there and getting shot down whilst trying to keep a brave face” explains frontman John McManus. “It’s a serious song with a kind of self-deprecating edge to it. The narrative is reminiscent of that old adage, ‘If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry’” Since the bands formation in 2014,...

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