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To highlight World Mental Health Awareness Week – we announce a brand new Youth festival, Sásta, at the stunning picturesque location of Lilliput, Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath where the lake spans as far as the eye can see.   Sásta is a new one-day-festival which highlights mental health awareness to teenagers with an array of music, dance, visual arts, crafts, yoga & wellness, and group workshops for mental health and suicide prevention. The night will finish with a stunning laser light show and DJ John Gibbons (Rte 2fm) at the helm on centre stage. Other acts include Dj Justy...

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THE MEASURE (summer mix)

Review by Bobby Green There’s something glorious about listening to music in the sunshine, the lyrics somehow mean more, the sentiment behind each verse seems to be heightened when we feel good and safe and warm. And from time to time a song will come along that gives you these feelings whatever the weather. The Measure (Summer Mix)  by Ultan Conlon is one of those songs that transports you to a place of warmth and good times with its timeless melody and joyous rhythm and will have you humming it for days after hearing it. We all fell in...

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Hypnotic new single from Constant Supply

Review by Bobby Green. ‘Sanguine Lane’ is the superb new single from Donegal band Constant Supply.  The track is lifted from their upcoming third album ‘Isn’t Life Great’. The track is accompanied by an amazingly witty 8-bit styled adventure video made by Eugene McGinty.  ‘Sanguine Lane’ will be released on June 22nd (spotify, apple music, bandcamp, etc) through What? Exactly. Constant Supply are an alternative rock/pop band from Donegal, Ireland, consisting of James Gillen(Vocals, Guitar), Conal Sweeney(Bass, Piano), Eoin Gildea(Guitar, Synth) and Justin McDaid(Drums). Together they create melodic compositions, driven along through light and dark alleyways by pulsing drums. ...

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Plastic Oceans by The Riptide Movement

Review By Bobby Green I’ve always been a fan of my lessons being taught to me by people I admire. Most of the lesson in life that have made me the man I am today were taught to me by someone with a guitar around their neck. Maybe if Mr Compton from Cardinal Wiseman had more rhythm then perhaps my career path would have been significantly different, no one knows for sure but I do know that you can sell sand to the Arabs if the advertising campaign had a catchy tune. The Riptide Movement are looking to address...

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Review By Bobby Green The new EP from Dublin’s TabliodTV “First Night Last Night” is grabbing people’s attention right now and is the must have EP in everyone’s collection. Yeah, you too can be one of the cool ones to say, ‘I was into them before they were signed’ Imagine Belle and Sebastian had double dropped with The Pooh Sticks and made a love child and then you’ll be close to understanding the beauty of what this 5 piece sound like. The songs are laced with so much charm and personality, something a lot of bands miss nowadays because...

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