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King Kong Company : My Name Is Now

Review By Bobby Green If you’ve been a field over the last few years dancing your face off to a live band that have exploded onto the stage and stole the show then you would have more than likely been getting down to King Kong Company. Their live sets are now stuff of legend proving that if you keep faith in the good times, they will come.  Year after year they get higher and higher on the billing as their fanbase grows and grows and although the new single is just a slight tone down for them it’s still...

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Review By Bobby Green Deep Sky Objects return with their second single from their much raved-about self-titled debut EP ‘Deep Sky Objects’ ‘This City’s At War’ impressed me with its ball tingling bass and awesome production, but nothing prepared me for having my face ripped off by the power of ‘Desire’ as it cuts across you like a highly skilled surgeon with such precise technique you’d be able to put your face back on before the chorus without leaving any scarring.   The joy of having only 1 guitar, drums and bass couldn’t be highlighted better with ‘Deep Sky...

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Zola Daze – Sun Bleached

Review by Bobby Green As the Irish summer of 2018 blazes on with no sign of stopping the blurry hazy memories in years to come will be triggered by whatever our personal soundtrack to this years unforgettable summer is. There’s been some fantastic music so far and again I can’t think of anything coming close to the talent coming from the music scene here in Ireland. It’s not just a few bands leading the charge against the world but right across the genres we have an abundance of talent gloriously entertaining music lovers of all tastes. A perfect example...

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Brand New Friend

Review By Bobby Green The alternative music scene may have its new darlings in Brand New Friend. They released their debut album ‘Seatbelts for Aeroplanes’ earlier this year on Xtra Mile Recordings and have toured with Snow Patrol and Feeder and recently played with Starcrawler in London. Why Are You So Tired is lifted from the album and wonderfully highlights the appeal that has Brand New Friend turning all the right heads. It’s everything that makes alternative music cool with its catchy guitar melodies and sing along chorus, and if you dig just slightly you’ll find depth and meaning...

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Sure I’ve been down but today I’m going to town

Review By Bobby Green The power of music can never be underestimated; I’ve had my heart ripped apart more times by music than any lover in my past. I’ve probably loved music more than some of my ex-lovers if I’m totally honest about it, and this is because some people are incapable of such boundless soul and emotion that music can ignite within a persons consciousness. It’s a gift if a person can do this, and these people, when they come into your lives should be treasured and loved. When a stranger makes you feel this way with the...

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