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Review by Bobby Green Here at we are proud to exclusively bring you the superb video from Ireland’s freshest, yet simultaneously dirtiest, no-good, shack-in-the-swamps outfit that go by the name of One Horse Pony. The single ‘Muddy Waters’ is taken from an EP, Hot One (produced by Gavin Glass) due out later this year, but while you’re waiting we’ll get you in the mood by letting you exclusively watch the video here… Tickets are still available for the last few shows of this tour promoting ‘Muddy Waters’ If you pop along to Crane Lane tomorrow night I’ll be...

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Sons of Southern Ulster – LIVE!!!

All good things come in 3’s. The superb Sons of Southern Ulster are hitting the road again this summer with 3 dates to celebrate the launch of the documentary about their last album, Foundry Folk Songs, and they will also be playing some new material from their upcoming EP due for release by the end of the Summer and the second album is scheduled for Early 2019. They will also doing a Today FM session and a session with RTE Lyric during that week, so keep your ears open… Catch them live… The Washerwoman, Ballina/Killaloe, Co. Tipperary on Wed...

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One Horse Pony Live Whelan’s 20/05/18

Review By Bobby Green One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley I’ve been in love with music since before I was born, it has always been in the family. We have zero musical talent running through our veins but when has talent ever been an obstacle for desire? For 30 years now I’ve been going to gigs / concerts / shows / performances, and as Bob Marley stated, there is no pain when the music hits you, even if that hit transports you far far away. On Sunday night I had...

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Call Girl Live Whelan’s 19/05/18

Review by Bobby Green Going out on a Saturday night should always be special, it’s a homage to the shit working week we drag our arses through, just so we can afford to go out and be entertained and infected with our favorite poison on this holiest of holy days. I remember the days when I signed on and every day was a Saturday, but when Saturday did come around it felt magical because it was….. Saturday. Last Saturday I treated myself to a night out in Dublin to see what the nation’s capital had to offer. One of...

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Elly O’Keeffe Interview

Interview by Bobby Green Elly O’Keeffe has a beautiful new EP out, I was lucky enough to catch up with her last week to chat about the new EP and her move across the water. Thanks for taking the time out for this interview and congratulations on this new ep, it really is sounding fantastic, the harmonies are sublime. Can you tell me a little about the recording of it? Thanks!! Glad you like it! My producer and I started to co-write a few years back. Once we wrote some songs Joe decided to come to Cork as I...

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