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  Simultaneous Vinyl Love for Repeal Events in 7 Cities of Ireland & UK THIS Sunday April 22Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, London, Sligo, Waterford Vinyl Love is back! Following its first outing last year, Vinyl Love returns,  hosting a full day of DJs and vinyl lovers playing their favourite records simultaneously across Ireland and the UK in multiple locations on Sunday April 22nd   These events are put on to raise funds for the Together for Yes campaign and With the vote in the abortion referendum coming on May 25th, the campaign needs it now more than ever.  Vinyl...

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Catch the Hot Sprockets Live.

Dublin soul rockers The Hot Sprockets have released the video for the new single ‘Cold Cold Sweat’ available for download NOW!. The single is first release from the band’s third album, ‘Dream Mover’ which is also available NOW! Inspired by the Afrobeat rhythms of Fela Kuti and band, “Cold Cold Sweat” has a more percussive groove to what we’re used to hearing from the Sprockets, yet no less Rock N Roll. The video for Cold Cold Sweat is shot and directed by their long time friend and collaborator Joseph Ingersoll, and is inspired by the 90’s turtleneck and chain...

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Nothing To Doubt

Review by Bobby Green Ailbhe Reddy has one of those voices that can cut across any arraignment or production like a diamond and leave you unaware of your surroundings for every moment she is singing. With the power to lift giants but with the subtle grace to hold even the most delicate of flowers unscathed as the sharpness of her voice fills you with a plethora of emotions. With over 3 million Spotify streams to date and international critical acclaim, Ailbhe Reddy returns with her stunning new single ‘Nothing to Doubt’. The track was produced by Willie Weeks who...

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An Album With Bite.

Review by Bobby Green With the music scene in Ireland enjoying such a golden period there’s a double edge sword that swings between us the listeners, the believers, the ones who allow the art to subcutaneously affect us and the artists who’s creativity inspires and enriches our lives. While on one hand we are all lucky that there is such an abundance of great music for us all to be inspired by, this makes it so much harder for talent to get noticed when we a spoiled for choice. Sometimes artistic merit will fall compromised on the floor for...

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