Author: Ivan O'Donoghue

Lurssen Mastering Console by IK Multimedia

Mastering is a dark art. Some people don’t believe in it. Some people believe it’s magic. Others say it’s a straightforward science. However most people will agree that it’s a necessary step in bringing a collection of audio recordings to the listening public . If the public then chooses to listen to it on their phone, streamed, through cheap earbuds – so be it. So what is mastering? It’s the sonic manipulation of a collection of songs to give them the same overall sound, in terms of dynamics and EQ so that the album is cohesive and nothing jumps...

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Tracktion 7

Newfound At Tracktion The Tracktion Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) has had a chequered history. It had humble beginnings in 2002 when Julian Storer revealed his creation, but in 2003, music giant Mackie saw it’s potential and took it on, seeing it as the perfect partner for some of their digital studio hardware.The software grew a modest but hardcore fanbase, but in the bust years it seems as though Mackie shifted focus to their core products, and the software stagnated. It was quite a surprise then when the software resurfaced in 2013, with Julian at the help of the newly formed...

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Ghost Robots – Under Fire [Single]

“Under Fire” is the teaser release from Ghost Robot‘s forthcoming 2nd EP, “Sell It To Me“.  This Waterford band consists of Michael Doyle (Vocals), Dael O’Brien (Drums), Evan Hayes (Bass), David Hearne (Rhythm Guitar) and David Rudden (Lead Guitar), and the sound is big – very big indeed. There’s nothing like two electric guitars to project a wall of sound, and the mix is excellent. The vocals punch through, the bass and drums punch through, and the guitars have that Butch Vig sheen that many studio bands aspire to but few achieve. It’s a spiky little belter, with hints of XTC...

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IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonic 2 Review

Miroslav Vitous gave us the first really famous sample library. The samples date back to 1993, recorded on state of the art digital systems at 20 and 24 bit resolution. It came out on various hardware sampling platforms and was very costly. When IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonic came out in 2006 as a VST plugin, the price was more affordable, it generated a huge buzz, and quickly became a must-have for any DAW composer. Version 2 builds on that legacy with a completely new set of samples, but also includes all the samples from the original.  The installation process takes...

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