Author: Mags Blackburn

Delorentos – Night Becomes Light [Album]

Delorentos have come along way since their formation in 2005. Back then, Delorentos and Director were two CD’s on continual play in my car, as any past passengers can attest. Since then they’ve been nominated and eventually nabbed a Choice Music Prize, split up, released an acoustic album and embraced social media. Fast forward to 2014 and days after signing a deal with Universal Music Ireland the Delo’s released artwork for their new album as well as lead track ‘Show Me Love’. “Night Becomes Light” was released October 10th and is the culmination of their journey up to this...

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Greg Clifford One For Luck Video

If you like your guitar players you’ll enjoy Greg Clifford. A talented guitarist his songs often feature elements of his classical training. It is these touches that separate him and the rock musicians from whom he takes his inspiration. He has spent the past few months in Berlin soaking up inspiration from one of Europe’s most exciting musical cities. He will be bringing his new sounds to our shores this December with a tour and a new album. For the moment, he has released a teaser of the new material with track ‘One For Luck’, a play on the...

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Nothing New Under The Sun – ‘Small Town Rain’ EP Review

Cork five-piece Nothing New Under The Sun released their single ‘Carolina’ last August 15th. ‘Carolina’ is a big rocky pop song capturing the retrospective summer song vibe. They then began a fundit campaign to get this EP, ‘Small Town Rain,’ printed after months of writing and recording. Finally, it is here and will be launched officially at Coughlan’s Live October 16th. The five track EP showcases the shifting moods of the band and their different influences. ‘Carolina’ and ‘Runaway Son’ are by far the two most upbeat and pop tracks on the EP. In comparison ‘Six Feet Down’ is...

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HWCH Festival 2014

HWCH 2014 Winter may be coming but the opportunity to hear good music in a festival atmosphere is not completely over. Now in its twelfth year Hard Working Class Heroes begins this October weekend (2nd – 4th) featuring 104 acts across seven venues centred around Dublin’s Templebar and Hal’Penny Bridge areas. It’s not just the close proximity of each venue to the next that makes this a wonderful experience but the thought that goes into placing each band in a venue that suits them uniquely. I was speaking with a broadcaster friend this week and he mentioned how music...

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