My Fellow Sponges

By Bobby Green Have you ever fancied the cool kid at school but had no idea how to talk to them? They’re witty and intelligent, charming and beautiful all in equal measure and you’re worried that you’ll come across all foolish when you tell your friends how you really feel about them. That’s exactly how I feel about My Fellow Sponges. When they entered my life on what was as mundane a day as ever they not only took my heart along with them on every note they played but they gently caressed my soul with every word they...

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The Sick New Single From The New 52

The New 52 Accidents and Emergencies single Review by Bobby Green Accidents and Emergencies is the new single from the New 52 that singer Darragh Cullen penned Following a harrowing anxiety seizer that had the talented front man up in hospital overnight. Darragh says of the experience. “I wrote the song following a seizure I suffered in 2016, a particularly harrowing anxiety incident which landed me in hospital for a night. I wanted the music (and lyrics video) to reflect the manic, overactive, and loud thoughts that anxiety produces. Plus, I wanted the song to really rock, because the...

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In Tua Nua – Irish Tour

IRISH TOUR AUTUMN/WINTER 2017: It was 30 years ago this year that ‘In Tua Nua’ supported U2 on the European leg of The Joshua Tree Tour. They are now setting out on their first Irish Tour since 1988. The band toured extensively throughout Europe and the US during the 1980’s promoting their albums “Vaudeville” and “The Long Acre”. During the 80s In Tua Nua had 9 top 20 singles here in Ireland. One of Ireland’s premier live acts, they shared stages with Bob Dylan (Slane), Fleetwood Mac, and Eurythmics to name but a few while also opening on stadium tours for Simple Minds and of course U2. In Tua Nua reformed for some...

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Niall Horan Could Be More Successful Than the Rest of 1D

At its peak, One Direction was one of the most popular and successful musical acts in the world. For those not wrapped up in 1D fever, it’s hard to overstate just how incredibly huge this band actually was. The throngs of hysterical and screaming fans come as no surprise, but more important is the chart success of the group. During its short history, the band was a massive multimedia phenomenon whose influence even touched video games. The group was featured in its own piece of downloadable content for the Rock Band franchise, and they also appeared in a number...

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Cormac O’Caoimh – Shiny Silvery Things

‘All that glisters is not gold’, Willie Shakespeare once wrote. He’s right. Sometimes it’s Shiny Silvery Things, Cormac O’Caoimh’s new album. Cormac’s opted for full band arrangements on the album. With different individuals on engineering/production, mixing and mastering, Cormac has left nothing to chance, and the resulting audio sounds gorgeous. Repeated listening reveals more layers, but the mixes never sound busy, and it always sounds like a Cormac O’Caoimh album. In fact it’s an album “that fits you like old shoes” as Cormac sings in Second Hand Clothes, the first single to be released. As a tired old hack,...

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