Guusniks – (Yesterday Is Coming) Music For Albums

“Wednesday’s Child Records announces the re-release, on CD, of the album “(Yesterday Is Coming) Music For Albums” by Guusniks.” Guusniks is the name of the studio-project duo of two men from north Cork in Ireland; (Limerick-born) Flor O’Driscoll: composer/ instrument-abuser, and Ian Johnson: proficient musician/ producer/ engineer/ co-composer/ mixer. The Guusniks album, “(Yesterday is coming) Music for albums” was recorded from 1997 to 2007, and was originally released on CD in 2008, accompanied by little promotion and even lesser sales. The album features ten tracks, composed mainly by Flor O’Driscoll to sound like an album to which he himself...

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Tadgh Lipton – Inaudible [Album]

With vocal delivery and lyrics that straddle an imaginary border between the realms of Mike Scott, Tim Wheeler and Wreckless Eric, Tadgh Lipton doesn’t appear to be overly concerned with confining himself to genres. Twenteen features angsty vocals over a polished punk pop backing with agressive guitar sounds. It’s the justaposition between the polish of the rhythm section/ backing vocals  and the in your face guitars/ lead vocals that makes the sound refreshing. Ekoli breaks out the Cellos and a marching snare beat, as Tadgh tries on shoegazing for size, half crooning, half ranting. He makes it his own, and moves...

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Aoibhin Redmond – Drifting [Single]

Review : Bobby Green Aoibhín Redmond is a name that we need to be familiarising ourselves with. With the release of the second video from her forthcoming Ep ‘Don’t Look Down’ she is showing that all the attention she has been getting lately is very much deserved. Sometimes described as quirky she shows with Drifting that tags are easily shaken off with her contrasting compositions. Undoubtedly her debut single ‘I Want To Live In Norway’ was extremely quirky but Beck’s Looser was hardly a blueprint for what followed. Aoibhin has been preforming since she was a young teenager and...

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The Dandy Horses – Tales From Hard Luck Town [Album]

Review: Bobby Green Folk music by definition is a traditional way for musicians to pass on stories that can be about the merriment of a joyous affair with the times we live in, or it can heed a more serious warning. Either way the element of story telling is at its very core and vital to the genre. Harmonies and musicianship are vital components too, but without the story everything else is just padding. With Tales From Hard Luck Town, The Dandy Horses excel in all of these colours and use their palette to paint such beautiful pictures, sometimes...

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