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White Boys – Release single “Stylin'”

Review by Robert Green I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t raining. I don’t like complaining about the weather because it’s something we just can’t change, but I’m sure it’s been over 6 months since it didn’t bloody rain. Fortunately there is something just around the corner and the début single Stylin’ from White Boys has already got me driving through town with the windows down and the volume pumped up. I don’t care that my elbow now has frost bite and the electric windows are now dodgy due to being water damaged, because I’ve got that summer...

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Bleeding Heart Pigeons “IS” Review

Review by Robert Green The debut album ‘IS’ from Limerick’s Bleeding Heart Pigeons is stunning for a whole plethora of reasons and has critics falling over themselves to write superlatives about every track on the album, but from time to time you have to believe the hype. It’s so refreshing to listen to a well-constructed album with the feel that it was made by people who just wanted to make that particular album. This is so much more than just a collection of songs, it’s an intense 1hr 14min unraveling of a multi themed layered journey that throws away...

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Limerick’s Hedfuzy release self-titled album

Review by Robert Green Hedfuzy is a one man wall of power who goes by the name of Pat Byrne, a Limerick born and bred multi-instrumentalist. Since the age of 17 he’s been in various outfits touring and recording under a multitude of musical genres. And within these collaborative experiences he really has picked up a talent for song writing, playing and producing. Although the Hedfuzy album isn’t all Pat Byrne, on Hedfuzy he enlists the services of drummer Ben Wanders of fellow Limerick prog outfit Shardborne, Delorean Suite keyboardist Graham Conway, guitarist Graham Keane of The Vicious Head...

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