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Sons of Southern Ulster Album Review of Foundry Folk Songs

Review by Robert Green It’s hard to describe the joy an album like Foundry Folk Songs brings. It reminds me why I fell in love with Alternative music. The bittersweet soap box drama unraveling across the poetic delivery drags the listener by the scruff of the neck into a world that probably no longer exists, written from the perspective of young men who “whiled away days, smoking fags, spinning yarns – the truth stretched so far – it formed a perfect snare.” The album was produced by Daragh Dukes and recorded at various locations in Ireland and the USA....

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My Fellow Sponges – The Cold Hand

Review byBobby Green ‘I’ve been told not to touch that man.’ This was the first line I ever heard from My Fellow Sponges. I should have stayed away. But how do you know when someone’s gonna break your heart? I now unconditionally give my heart to My Fellow Sponges, and if they do break it then it will undoubtedly be worth the pain, as all true love is. The Cold Hand was the first time this independent band from Galway entered my life. It was a shit day at work, and all hope of joy on this most ordinary...

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Windings – Stray Dogs / Helicopters Review

Review by Bobby Green This truly beautiful double header from Windings left me feeling unsettled but ever so immensely encapsulated. Very few artists have the ability to stop you in your tracks and demand your attention with just the shear intensity of their sound but Windings had me replay Stray Dogs / Helicopters a few times before I was anywhere near taking it all in. Compared to 2012’s I am not the Crow, Windings have laid their sound out naked and raw with an atmospheric soundscape that doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but if you want flowers and unicorns...

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Dusty Residents “Orbits” Album Review

Review by Bobby Green I was recently drinking one of my favourite scotch whisky’s with a good friend of mine. And it was easy to point out why this whisky stands out. There’s a little something extra to it that gives it its uniqueness. It’s dark and moody with all the fire you’d expect from this particular strand but it has a smoothness that stands out, a distinct personality that separates it from the others. It’s true to the art and history of whisky making but with its own particular nuance that gives this whisky its stand out flavour....

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Straw Gods – Carnivore EP Review

Review by Bobby Green I remember when I first heard The Straw Gods ‘Under A Sun’ it reminded me of Whiskey bars and dark familiar places. Their soulful take on the darker side of Blues / Rock was a beautiful introduction to their sound. ‘Carnivore’ is the perfect follow up to last years ‘Under A Sun’ and although they are moving towards the rock end of the spectrum these days, they wanted to make a point of recording some of their bluesier material, Carnivore and bonus track Above Her are very bluesy with their soulful edge cutting right through...

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