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Exmagician “Scan The Blue” Album Review

By Bobby Green Exmagician’s road to their debut album was extremely eventful, but with any worthwhile journey the destination is worth every step. Daniel Todd and James Smith already have enough kudos that any career in the music industry would be proud of, and their debut album Scan The Blue oozes with a swagger that would grace any band 3 or 4 albums in. But if you delve into Daniel Todd and James Smiths already rich and well documented history you’ll see that they have been playing together since their teens and their tapestry has already woven some fine...

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Dylan Tighe releases new album

Review: Bobby Green There are bands and artists that like to define where they are musically with the release of an album. It’s a statement of who they are, or where they are at, at that moment in time. Some albums are just a collection of songs with no real link apart from the fact they are all on the same album, this works if the quality of the material is of a certain standard. With Wabi Sabi Soul you get a piece of work put together with so much love and attention that the album is only just...

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Bobby Green reminisces with Feuds

Feuds describe themselves as four lads from Kilcoole, Co.Wicklow that make music, and they are as of yet unsigned. But if they keep tuning out tunes like Stay Here it won’t be long before they get noticed. If I had any money I’d put out Stay Here as a limited edition 7 inch single and not have it as a free download. Stay Here reminds me of why I collect vinyl. If I was 25years younger this is the type of record I’d have bought on 7” and played in the Indie disco as the tune I had that...

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White Boys – Release single “Stylin'”

Review by Robert Green I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t raining. I don’t like complaining about the weather because it’s something we just can’t change, but I’m sure it’s been over 6 months since it didn’t bloody rain. Fortunately there is something just around the corner and the début single Stylin’ from White Boys has already got me driving through town with the windows down and the volume pumped up. I don’t care that my elbow now has frost bite and the electric windows are now dodgy due to being water damaged, because I’ve got that summer...

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Bleeding Heart Pigeons “IS” Review

Review by Robert Green The debut album ‘IS’ from Limerick’s Bleeding Heart Pigeons is stunning for a whole plethora of reasons and has critics falling over themselves to write superlatives about every track on the album, but from time to time you have to believe the hype. It’s so refreshing to listen to a well-constructed album with the feel that it was made by people who just wanted to make that particular album. This is so much more than just a collection of songs, it’s an intense 1hr 14min unraveling of a multi themed layered journey that throws away...

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