Review by Bobby Green
Bray’s Columbia Mills return with this belter of a track as a taster for their debut album out later this year. It’s everything you’d expect from the dynamic Indietronic (1st time I’ve ever heard that term) instrumentalists. It’s a multi layered diotic caress produced by Rob Kirwan who’s also known for his work with Hozier, U2, PJ Harvey and Depeche Mode. Columbia Mills describe the collaboration as a match made in heaven.
Battles is a beautiful progression from the Perfect Day EP but still keeps their trademark multidimensional sound. The vocal is again a towering focus that pulls the vibrancy of the soundscape together. It’s dark and ambient, deep and meaningful with all the weight you’d expect from them. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from their work with Rob Kirwan, they really are a perfect match.
Columbia Mills launch ‘Battles’ with a headline show in Whelan’s on February 4th and their debut album is out later this year.

Listen to ‘Battles’ below