Review by Bobby Green

Movin On is the stomping new single from Galway’s D-Day. It’s a good old fashioned balls out Rocktastic riff a thon instant anthem. It’s so radio friendly the kick drum has already impregnated my speakers and the bass has made a mess of my headphone socket.

Jokes aside Movin’ On is a great track and as catchy as hell, with the right people pushing it this could be a smash for D-Day. They are defiantly a band to keep an eye on in 2017, this exciting brand of classic rock n roll is designed for mass consumption and this could well be the flavour of the year for the mainstream market. Galway has an amazing music scene right now with so many great bands coming from there.

Drawing influence from Thin Lizzy, The Rolling Stones and The Who, you can really feel that energy and influence on Movin’ On without it sounding retro. I’ll be amazed if this isn’t a smash and by this time next year everyone would have heard of D-day.