Review by Bobby Green

If you’re looking for a track to take over your senses and flood your soul with eternal questions then plug into the Feuds new single ‘Nothing to happen Next’. I remember falling in love with ‘Stay Here’ when it came out, their sound is beautifully alternative in a way that Teenage Fanclub were.

‘Nothing to happen next’ gives a fuller arraignment to an already encompassing sound that delights me about Feuds music. The song is from their self titled EP which is out on the 16th of March with an EP launch on the 22nd of March in the Workmans Club.

There are quite a few ‘alternative’ bands in Ireland right now of exceptional quality but no one is sounding quite like Feuds. Their music sets them aside from the others and really gives depth and quality to the Irish music scene that hasn’t been this rich and exciting in ages.