Review: Bobby Green

Folk music by definition is a traditional way for musicians to pass on stories that can be about the merriment of a joyous affair with the times we live in, or it can heed a more serious warning. Either way the element of story telling is at its very core and vital to the genre. Harmonies and musicianship are vital components too, but without the story everything else is just padding. With Tales From Hard Luck Town, The Dandy Horses excel in all of these colours and use their palette to paint such beautiful pictures, sometimes about some quite dark subject matters.

It’s easy to forget the subject matter with such beautiful harmonies dancing in and out of this wonderfully woven album making it a diotic delight, bringing the listener on a selection of very colourful journeys. But Belfast does have a rich tradition of great story tellers and colourful characters. This debut album certainly makes you aware of the quality that lies within The Dandy Horses with such well sculptured folk songs that flirt with country from time to time. It’s more than an introduction into their world, it’s a guidebook to the world that surrounds them.

The Dandy Horses will be launching Tales From Hard Luck Town at the Belfast Barge on 13th August (BYO, £10, 8.30 doors.) and the busy quintet will play a number of dates subsequently in Bangor, Ballaghaderreen, and Derry to promote ‘Tales from Hard Luck Town,’ with further venues to be confirmed.