Review: Bobby Green

I do get genuinely excited when I get to review a single that comes in under 3 minutes, and with “Liberty Belle” loaded up at 2.38 I thought I’d make myself a nice cup of tea and strap myself in for one hell of a ride. But this wasn’t quite what I expected…..

This is beautiful basic Rock n Roll, the like I’ve not heard in some time.

The Fontaines are a Dublin 5 piece that have been gigging around Dublin and impressing everyone who sees them. It’s like they’re showing us all the basics and we’re all falling in love with the rock n roll sound again. They’ve opened for some seriously great bands, too, including next big things The Lemon Twigs, YAK and Hinds. They also kicked off Girl Band’s Mayo show.

Their debut single “Liberty Belle” is out now and will be available on iTunes and also on limited edition 7”, stocked exclusively at Tower Records.