Review by Bobby Green

It was 2 years ago I reviewed Buffalo Sunn’s Debut Album By The Ocean By The Sea, and I remember loving it at the time. But over the past 2 years it has gradually left my turntable to be replaced by so many others, some good, some bad, some ok. But over this period of time I’d forgotten about the reasons why I loved the album.  And to be honest I’m delighted I did, because Idle Man was like being kissed by an old girlfriend who’s lips still taste like fine wine, and to be even more cliché they have got better with age.

Idle Man is a magnificent single, by far my favourite single of 2016. I don’t say this lightly because 2016 has seen so many great releases, for me it has been the best year for Irish music in decades and I’ve fallen in love with so many great songs this year. But Idle Man with its Americana guitars and chugging train track rhythm, it just pulls you along the tracks and right into the station, next stop world domination. The production courtesy of Joe Chiccarelli is exquisite, and if you look at the great names he’s worked with you wouldn’t be surprised by the quality, but with the great writing and melodies of Idle Man, maybe an album of similar quality will put Buffalo Sunn along with those great names.

With the right pluggers Idle Man should be a worldwide smash, if not there is something seriously wrong with the music industry.

You know when you hear a song and nothing else matters for those three minutes?  Your body has to move to the rhythm, be it the simple tapping of a toe or a sway of the shoulders. Idle Man is one of those encompassing songs.  They really have nailed it with this sound, and I hope the new album tastes as good as this appetiser. Buffalo Sunn are currently in the middle of pre-production on their follow up album and they head to los Angeles to record at the end of the month.

I can’t wait for the album. Idle Man is out now.