The golden age of video: 3 hours of MT USA on a Sunday afternoon with Vincent Hanley in the 80s. The world retreated as the goggle box spun magical tales to a 3-minute soundtrack. A-ha had comic book heroes breaking through the page into the real world. Dire Straits gave us 3d animations when they were still laughably chunky and took an entire server farm a fortnight to render. Some just told stories – the enigmatic Kate Bush being an early master.  As the years progressed, we grew immune to the charms of the music video, to the point where MTV stopped showing them entirely.

So how do you capture the public imagination through a jaded format? You can try the OK Go route and spend 5% of your budget on the song, with the remaining 95% going on the video. Or you can do what O Emperor did, and turn that on its head. Using cutting edge computer design and animation technologies (a.k.a. Microsoft Paint), they’ve cranked out a 4 year old’s take on conspiracy theory, and it’s bloody funny.

The song itself is no slouch either. A braggadocio-laden vocal snarls a distorted vocal over a power pop canvas filled with falsetto backing, driving snare beat and lush guitar fills. I hear The Strokes, The Velvet Underground and Primal Scream in this, and I expect to be hearing it on the radio soon.