By Bobby Green

It was a little over 5 years ago that Gary Showbiz exploded into my consciousness. He’d been around long before that in a few guises and since he came across my radar there have been many more incarnations of his musical translations.

One of the main reasons I love him is his pulchritudinous harmonies, and an uncanny knack to write a lyrical riff that worms its way into your brain. But his prolific output was second to none. There was a time where he’d put out a new song and video a month. These weren’t pre-written songs these were experiences he was sharing on his facebook page. We were all joining in and then sometimes, even by the end of the week there was a song and video about that weeks events, even if it was as mundane as choosing your favourite biscuits from Aldi.


He formed several bands in the 5 years that I’ve known him so he could play live the music that was bursting out of him. He’s also released several albums under several names. But not long after releasing his critically acclaimed ‘Tidy Towns’ album in 2014 he disappeared.

After tracking him down I discovered he had perforated his eardrum, and not being able to fully focus on his creativity he went off the rails a bit and lost that focus that drives such a productive and creative output. And if you’ve not heard of him and decide to check him out after reading this you’ll know exactly what I mean, there’s an Aladdin’s cave online with Gary Showbiz polishing the family silver. He truly is a national treasure.

Last week I saw on my twitter feed that he had put a new track out so I thought I’d check it out and review it, and I have to say, like everything he puts out, I loved it. It had all the trademark showbiz harmonies and stomping great quality you’d expect from him and he was looking fresher than ever. I asked him if it was a new direction for him and a new look. He said that he just got himself back into shape, stopped putting rubbish into his body and went and got his teeth fixed cos ‘they were aggravating the fuck outta me.

He then added ‘As much as I would like to say yes, it’s part of a new direction, or part of some greater plan, it isn’t. I have no idea what’s happening or where it’s going, and I honestly don’t care. I’ve stopped with the mad fantastical hairbrained ideas. I don’t live that way anymore so my art reflects that. I’m just making tunes I want to hear and hopefully there will be others that share my exquisite taste in throwaway toe tapping pop tunes’

So is he back now? I’d have to say I think so. I was going to review his latest track ‘Barbara’ but when I went to watch it again he had already got a new one online ‘Love irl’

By the time this piece goes to press there’s probably going to be another one out so I’m going to finish with a personal note to Gary.

‘Whatever demons kept you away, I’m not the only one who’s delighted that you seem to have tamed them. We all look forward to hearing more from you now you’ve found your mojo behind the sofa.’

Listen to “Barbara” and “Love irl” below