Review by Bobby Green

‘Go To Work’ is a song of true quality delivered so perfectly that with its timeless style would be my single of the week for any week I would hold such a competition. Ken Griffin’s vocal is again so beautiful and encapsulating, he could read the newspaper out load and still make it sound like a favourite story from your childhood.

With ‘Go To Work’ we get the musical equivalent of a Harold Pinter play wrapped up in a whimsical reminder that music does have the ability to take you out of the mundane existence you may be living in, even if it is just to show you how mundane your existence may be. But if it’s narrated by Ken Griffins voice, then it really doesn’t sound so bad, he really is a master at his craft.

August Wells are currently touring to promote their album Madness Is The Mercy.

Mar 09  Cleeres Theatre                Kilkenny, Ireland

Mar 10  Spirit Store          Dundalk, Ireland

Mar 11  The Workmans Club       Dublin, Ireland