It really should read “Songs of the Day” with this double sided single release from Jack O’Rourke deserving their own individual attention. While they are simply different versions of the same song they both speak so differently to the listener they may as well be from different eras.

Releasing ‘Naivety’ on February 24 Cork Musician Jack O’Rourke is rounding off a phenomenal year. His debut album soaring high in the charts, his singles winning international songwriting awards and his name being dropped by all kinds of music superstars Jack is making a name for himself.

The radio edit for ‘Naivety’ is hook laden demonstrating O’Rourke influences from Bowie to Kate Bush with a beat that doesn’t quit and will have you humming it for the rest of the day. The acoustic version (the video of which I have included below) demonstrates minutely Jack’s wit, his transcendental baritone and a undercurrent of double meanings glossed over in the radio edit. Have a listen for yourself below.

‘Naivety’ is out February 24.