Review by Bobby Green

Participant is Stephen Tiernan, a songwriter and producer from Dublin and ‘Your Better’ is the latest single taken from his second EP ‘Content’. Its crystal cold like beauty is a sharp journey through rejection and family framed as a failing romance and as Stephen Tiernan admits, there is an undercurrent of selfishness too.

‘Your Better’ is sparse and atmospheric with a vocal that whispers the story to you like a slow drip of morphine to the senses until you’re engulfed in its effects and you can’t see past the next line. Its trance like quality would easily transport you to another world, until you see the video and you realise that this isn’t a world you’d like to visit.

The NSFW visual tells a story of a male prostitute and the dangers within his line of work when the normally emotionless rent boy shows just the slightest piece of humanity to one of his clients. It was directed by award-winning director Bob Gallagher (Girl Band / SOAK / Saint Sister) and is a work of great power in its own right. It’s bleak and dark but ever so engrossing, superbly shot and acted out. The art of the ‘pop video’ has evolved so much in recent years and this is a video that will be talked about for a long time. Not just for its content but for its dramatic style and the way it embraces the vocal in a way that could make you believe that the vocal was written for the video.

Watch the video for ‘Your Better’ below