Review by Bobby Green

There’s a whole plethora of reasons why certain bands make it and certain bands don’t, but those reasons get fewer and fewer when it comes down to longevity. And I believe that the main reason a band will stand the test of time is quality. Quality not only in the song but in the delivery, I’ve seen my fair share of great live bands but ultimately couldn’t deliver away from the stage and even more bands that are just shocking live.

With this in mind I believe Warsaw Radio are a band of genuine quality and their single  ‘Still Have You To Hold’ could be the slow burner that keeps them warm for some time. Brían McNamara’s vocal isn’t a million miles away from Liam Ó Maonlaí of The Hothouse Flowers with its richness and warmth. You could imagine it belting out raucous stomping anthems that scream with meaning, but it would also be the whisper of emotion so delicately sung in an intimate setting. With ‘Still Have You To Hold’ it is accompanied by some beautiful strings that lead the song on a beautiful dance that will leave you enchanted by its lush beauty.

This latest single was mastered by John Davis (U2 and White Lies) at Metropolis in London and follows up on their critically acclaimed single ‘After Eve’. They are currently in studio finishing off their debut album, in their adopted home of Brighton, with Mercury Nominated Producer Jag Jago (The Maccabees and Florence Welch).