Review by Bobby Green

When the voice is used as a musical instrument rather than just the vehicle for the story the journey  takes on new meanings. The art of singing is seldom noticed in modern culture with the production values of albums often lauded on ‘this sound’ or ‘that sound’ and even the great singers of today, and there are many, are almost all backed up multimillion dollar production.

So an album of acapella songs would almost be revolutionary today if it wasn’t for the fact that their art is so crafted for this format. This new album presents a selection of traditional songs which transcend the boundaries of the ocean that separates the three singers from their countries of birth. Irish, Scottish, Icelandic and American songs are all represented and celebrated in this collection. White Raven has cast its spell on this beautiful collection of songs.

This collection highlights the subtle differences between these complementary styles of folk / traditional songs so beautifully laid out for the listener’s pleasure. This is very much an international trio, also featuring  American Tenor, Robert Getchell, resident in France and French Baritone, Mathias Spoerry who is now resident in Iceland. All three singers are active in the field of early music and all have an ocean between the land of their birth and the places where they now call home.

Like a wind o’er the ocean’ is the fourth album by a cappella trio White Raven, who are bringing their elegant and dynamic show to Ireland for three dates preceding the release. . The songs on the album resonate deeply within all three, and you can’t help but feel that emotion resonating

The new album “Like a wind o’er the ocean” set for release March 2

Live dates:


Friday February 16th – Holmpatrick Church of Ireland, Skerries, Co Dublin, 8pm €20/€15