I’m a big fan of the likes of Jack L and Duke Special, what can I say I love the drama and theatre of it all. So when I come across Jackal, aka Dubliner Jack Lynskey, I get excited, dance with brush handles, you know what I mean.

Jackal has created the single “Groundhog Day” produced by Daniel Doherty of Darklands Audio Recording Studio Groundhog Day which is a rock song with jazz and cabaret influences that deals with complacency and fear in it’s lyrics. Jackal cites influences such as Lady Gaga, Queen, David Bowie, John Grant and Bill Murray (obviously). I don’t think anyone is surprised by this. But Jackal is looking to take things a step further creating what he calls “Fusion Pop” a mixture of rock music with pop sensibilities, with some added drama it must be said!

“Groundhog Day” is due for release Friday, March 11th along with it’s accompanying video.

Jackal plays The Grand Social, Sunday, March 13th 7-11pm

You can pre-order “Groundhog Day” here:https://itunes.apple.com/album/groundhog-day-single/id1080902322?ls=1&app=itunes