Feuds describe themselves as four lads from Kilcoole, Co.Wicklow that make music, and they are as of yet unsigned. But if they keep tuning out tunes like Stay Here it won’t be long before they get noticed. If I had any money I’d put out Stay Here as a limited edition 7 inch single and not have it as a free download.
Stay Here reminds me of why I collect vinyl. If I was 25years younger this is the type of record I’d have bought on 7” and played in the Indie disco as the tune I had that the other DJ’s didn’t. It’s a diamond of a song that gets your head bopping and a chorus you can shout and raise your arms in the air to. Feuds have written an indie pop classic here and it’s being given away for free.
It has echoes of Thousand Yard Stare and The Go Betweens and has all the old elements needed to be an indie pop anthem long before the rules changed and the definition of an anthem meant mass appeal. The guitar dances around the melody with such freedom while the vocals are crying out for the day not to change. The beauty of Stay Here is that it appeals to the singular in a unique and honestly beautiful way rather than a shifting a million units way. And for me that’s what makes an anthem, not just a chorus that we can all sing along to.
I honestly loved this track and I think you will too.