Homelessness has become synonymous with this decade. It is a sign of our times, the headline on most front pages and the keyword of our day. And it seems that we cannot find a way a solve it.

But a group of Irish musicians have joined up with the One For Ireland campaign and the Irish Youth Foundation to use their talents to help raise funds and awareness of homelessness in Ireland. The campaign hopes that on Friday, April 29th, each person in Ireland will spend E1 on one song for one day to raise these funds.

Cork’s collaborative outfit freezerRoom, who are Graham White and Rory Dempsey, have enlisted former Fred singer Joe O’Leary for a single to join the cause. The track “Keep The Goodness In” opens with minimalist electronica then mellows out to a melodic line led by O’Leary’s vocals that leads us down the dark alleys of their tale. The video set in Dublin depicts the two different lives possible and dependent on a simple twist of fate. The soaring guitar and trumpet lines are, by their own simple twist of fate, Prince inspired and lend to the haunting story of the single. freezerRoom have also announced they are recording a new album which will see them collaborate with other musicians including former The Shades bandmate Ray Scannell as well as Jack O’Rourke, Tracey K and Clara Hill.

“Keep The Goodness In” was released Friday, April 22nd and is available to download here http://www.freezerroom.net/


You can read more on the One For Ireland Campaign and download songs here https://www.oneforireland.ie/

For more information on the Irish Youth Foundation go here http://www.iyf.ie/