There is a reason why Pranks are being including in those end of the year lists, why they’ve made appearances at Hard Working Class Heroes and Whelan’s One’s To Watch and their new single “Long Knives” shows why we will continue to see them there. Heavy metal is hard to pull off in the mainstream but the Dublin duo have brought the grungy goodness and we will be hearing more of them in the near future.

The duo have crammed a lot into “Long Knives” including chunky guitar riffs, sublime top hat work with shimmering guitar on top of Micheal Sheil’s layered harassed vocals. There are layers and layers here not just of classic rock guitar motifs but Pranks have embraced pop sensibilities into their song writing. I mean, I’ll be humming the refrain for the rest of the day. Pranks nail it on the head, staying true to their roots yet grafting what they needed from synth-pop to create a force to be reckoned with.

Watch the video for “Long Knives” below