“Hallowed Out Sea” is the EP we have been waiting for from Aibhe Reddy. Her debut single “Distrust” showed no fear as it spoke unflinchingly about things that are hard to admit, like you actually just want to be on your own.

“Hallowed Out Sea” is an ode to modern love and no more is this clear than on the track “Coffee” as Reddy speaks about buying coffee just to see the object of her affection at the coffee machine. But as modern as the song is Reddy has an old heart and has made this an epic love song for modern times with cellos and strings. We find the indie theme continue from “Distrust” into “Enough”. “Seasonal” embraces folk elements and includes a glockenspiel for some added magic. Throughout Reddy’s voice is raw with emotion, cracking, whispering and pleading when required.

“Hallowed Out Sea” is a testament to modern love and unashamedly expressing yourself. Listen to the EP below.

Catch Aibhe Reddy July 1st in The Button Factory