Review by Bobby Green

Where is it that you go when you let go?

How many times have you been in a relationship and still not fully known the person you trust with your most intimate feelings? Or are you the one who never gave everything, truly everything to the relationship?

“Spree” by Aislinn Logan centres on that space which maybe always exists in all relationships. That question of do you ever completely give yourself to someone? Is there something which you hold back? Do you reach out in the night and wonder why there’s a gap in the bed?

“No matter how close you get to someone, you will never know absolutely everything there is to know about them,” says the singer. “You’ll never know what’s happening in their head, what they’re actually thinking. Maybe there is a nihilism to that – but it’s also important, there’s a secret there, a self-sufficiency you’ll always hold onto. A thing no-one will ever really know.”

This beautifully atmospheric track has the power to stop you in your tracks and wrap itself around your senses while it holds you safe and tight while questioning your commitment to love.

Label: Three More Spoonfuls