I’m a big visual person and it’s becoming increasingly important in how bands market and present themselves. Look at the artwork for All Tvvins new EP “Unbelievable” for instance. Is it glitter, paint, sequins? It doesn’t matter but the effect does and it’s use of colour. It indicates the sense of purpose behind “Unbelievable” before we have heard a note.

With a 1975 type sound the title track “Unbelieveable” is brash with shimmering guitars. It is loud, it is pounding and it is rock n roll. It is followed up by the fast paced “Resurrect Me”, with those signature guitars, synths, reverb, and layering. They have thrown everything at this EP displaying what a powerful force they can be.

There is no way they can maintain this pace and clearly this is a prelude to an album which I can imagine will have Temper Trap ballads to let us catch our breath. The three tracks of “Unbelievable” are dynamic and sonically very different which means there is plenty more in creative tank.

All Tvvins play the Trinity Ball next, April 15th.