Review by Bobby Green

From time to time we are forced to stop whatever it is we are doing and take note. Mainly it’s a trigger that fires the bullet that halts us, but sometimes it’s a voice, a story that resonates with you and holds you in the moment.

Damien J Brennan, who goes by the stage name Amos, is a singer-songwriter from Dundrum, Co. Down. On 7th September Amos releases ‘Battlecry’ the first single to be taken from his debut album Letting Go which will follow in 2018. He describes Battlecry as one of the most stripped back songs on the album, “it was recorded in a living room in my mates house in one take. We used a cajon and guitar hits for percussion. I attempted to re-record it in the studio but we ended up keeping most of the original demo as it captured something that we struggled to recreate.

You really can feel the emotion in ‘Battlecry’ this is in no small measure down to the beautiful vocal talent of Amos, his voice effortlessly sails through the song wrapping itself around you in a diotic dance leading you into his world.

Music veterans Phil Quartararo, Robert Cutarella and Chris Carlucci, who head the U.S. industry management company Perfection Records, were eager to work with Amos, recognising him as a great storytelling songwriter with huge potential and the ability to deliver a song that could equal a legend like Bob Dylan. Perfection have signed him which can only herald good things in Amos’ future.

At a time when so many bland and meaningless lyrics dominate mainstream radio, Amos offers the listener an emotional and thought-provoking experience. When Tony Moore (of Iron Maiden fame) had Amos play live in studio on his London Soho Radio show, he raved about what he had just heard, saying Amos was ‘spine-tingingly good, astonishing…That sounds like a major hit to me. The UK needs to hear this, the world needs to hear this.’

The world will indeed hear this with Amos taking on some live shows, starting in Ireland later this year to support the release of his album. His ‘Battlecry’ will no doubt be picked up by many before the year is out!