Review by Bobby Green

With the music scene in Ireland enjoying such a golden period there’s a double edge sword that swings between us the listeners, the believers, the ones who allow the art to subcutaneously affect us and the artists who’s creativity inspires and enriches our lives.

While on one hand we are all lucky that there is such an abundance of great music for us all to be inspired by, this makes it so much harder for talent to get noticed when we a spoiled for choice. Sometimes artistic merit will fall compromised on the floor for anthemic attempts at diotic distractions. But when an artist and group of artists finely tune their skills to produce something they are proud of the results are always worthy of note.

self-titled debut album is a glorious outpouring of emotion wrapped up in traditional song writing styles backed up with electronica and Indie style musicianship. There’s a wonderful depth and warmth to this album. Everything  is so flirtatiously delivered here, both male and female vocals land perfectly at the right time, the dance between alternative and electronica is perfect for fans of the ‘band’ and the ever increasing ‘artists’ in this genre. And as I said at the top of this review, with their being an abundance of exceptional talent in this genre their really has to be something about you or your sound to get you noticed, and I believe that the class on display on Pursued By Dogs debut album will make all the right noises in 2018.


Self Titled Debut Album

Released April 27th 2018

Live at The Button Factory Dublin, May 4th 2018