Review: Bobby Green

If you like your music to punch you in the face then Felons is the EP for you. I remember reviewing their 1st EP and thinking that there was something about these lads from Fermanagh. There was no way I expected their 2nd EP to be such a leap forward. Perhaps Donovan leaving the band forced the remaining members as a four piece to fill the gap with more aggression and attack – well… they are called Attack The Day after all.

Felons is a full frontal assault Connor M’cGreggor would be proud of, a well calculated attack that is full of surprises. Part To Play even breaks down into a little skank halfway through before it kicks your teeth in again. Shadows was a great introduction for Attack The Day and my fear for them was that they might just be punching above their weight, but Felons really put me in my place and puts them on the map as serious players in this game. I loved Shadows for its personality, and Felons is Attack The Day honing their sound and growing the personality that makes them a bit different from all the others. They’re starting to walk tall and have definition within their field. If they continue on this trajectory of improvement and quality, their debut album could see not only them but the Irish heavy rock scene come of age again.

Felons is out now…