Review by Bobby Green

Attack The Day are Five guys from Fermanagh. Their infectious brand of alternative Rock flirts with many styles of the heavy side of this genre. But this is far from a mish mash of styles, like early Therapy they are carving out a sound that suits them. With this debut EP Shadows they certainly introduce themselves with a bang. They have a sound that sounds like Attack The Day, this may sound like a stupid thing to say but some bands take ages to find their own sound that separates them from others in their field. Attack The Day already have that from the start. As debut EP’s go this shows that Attack The Day have enormous potential to break out of their scene and maybe trade punches with bigger hitters. I hope this EP doesn’t leave them punching above their weight. I look forward to hearing more from them to see if I’m right about their potential. If their live sound is as good as their studio sound I’ll certainly be watching this space.

Shadows is out now