Music for lovers of love…


Review By Bobby Green

When pop stars sing about love my fists normally clench and I can feel myself getting angry. Not because I hate love songs, far from it. But because the love song is so cheapened by the mass market appeal of a pull on the emotional purse strings. That’s why when something of worth comes along it should be celebrated. I’m old enough to know that the multi layered complications of love can often dance around the obvious and lead you in an unfamiliar dance. Sometimes we learn the steps and become masters, other times we trip over ourselves and make a mockery of a well-rehearsed tango. But there is nothing like it when you find yourself in tune with another souls rhythm, and nothing hurts more when their heart beats to a different drum.

Ken Griffin and John Rauchenberger’s songs have a sharpness that can cut straight into your emotions but with an overwhelming charm that you welcome that incision like an addict. August Wells make a warped soulful return with the release of ‘Nothing Like Love’, the first single to be taken from their forthcoming third album.

Ken Griffin and John Rauchenberger’s songs have struck a chord with music listeners here and further afield. With their two critically acclaimed albums to date ‘A Living and a Dying Game’ and the excellent ‘Madness Is the Mercy’ which along with a string of fine singles has seen them received warmly by music shows across the dial. Their music speaks of the fragility of the human condition while all the while providing twists of humour and hope.

Nothing like love is a 3 minute drama about being pushed aside by love. Like Bill Withers singing a Lou Reed song August Wells dance along the edge.

Live Dates:

Sun 15th Apr – The Workmans Club – Dublin

Tues 17tb Apr – Ballinard Gigs – Baltimore

Thurs 19th Apr – Coughlan’s – Cork

Sat 21st Apr – Levis – Ballydehob

Sat 5th May – Vinyl Dublin Festival

More to be announced………