They burst into our lives with “Gentle Kind Of Lies” but there is nothing gentle about BARQ. Even the name is indicative of their style. Jess Kav and co (Tommy Gray, Neil Dorrington and Steven McHale) will be make you uncomfortable, will challenge your senses all the more so that you can appreciate what they are achieving.

They are not the first RnB group to use discordant backing tracks but they may be the first to use Jess’s souldful vocals to pull it back and make “Agrosoul” a thing. “Do you deceive? // Hide your thoughts, hide your dreams? // Do you wake? // Think of things, all the things? // Is the limit to your life // in the screen, inner screams? // Is the limit to your life // in the night, in the flings? // I’m running on this fantasy // I’m where I want to be.// I believe in your fantasy // And you’re where you ought to be.//We’re now.// We shed.// Just let go.” sings Kavanagh as she annihilates the discordant guitar accompaniment, key signature and syncopated time signature.

BARQ launch “That Thing You Love” this Sunday, May 29th, in Whelan’s.