Review by Bobby Green

At the age of 12 Echo Twelve fell in love with electronic music when he discovered groups such as 808 State and Beats International, as well as the burgeoning acid house scene. From there, he quickly developed a preference for more underground sounds, and spent many an evening tuning in to Irish pirate radio stations.

With ‘Anoche’ he’s mixing the chilled out rhythms you could find at 5 in the morning on the beach waiting for the sun to come up or equally on the night bus home after one of the best nights you think you’ll ever have because the blissfulness of your memories are only intact to the moment you’re living right now. It taps into your consciousness like a fabric of a moment that could last forever and makes your groove so chill  Norrin Radd would be jealous.

Echo Twelve has drawn comparisons to the like of Bonobo and Unkle

‘Anoche’ is out now.