Review by Bobby Green

I’m delighted I invested in a new set of headphone recently because Elaine Mai’s The Colour Of The Night EP sounds absolutely phenomenal through them. Her atmospheric concoctions slowly wrap you up and lift you to a plateau of heavenly delight as you groove along to the sweetest of melodies she has become known for.

The EP kicks off with Enniscrone and sets the tone wonderfully for the 5 tracks that are an uplifting delight for the listener. Almost three years in the making, her new EP is a cathartic piece of work which centres around the common human experiences of grief and hope, but you’ll also find elements of pure joy too.

Elaine says ‘Over the last few years, I have encountered close personal grief for the first time and this track is about that experience. The melody and movement in the strings are a musical representation of the journey from sorrow and despair to acceptance and hope. Although the person you loved is gone, there is joy in their memory, solace in the time that was shared together and “The Colour of the Night” captures that for me.’

Elaine Mai will be playing the Body and Soul festival, Westmeath // 23rd – 25th June, her music is tailor made for events like this and I’m sure her performance will be one of the ones worth capturing.

The Colour Of The Night EP is out now