Review by Bobby Green

If you ever wondered what early Human League sprinkled with The Smiths would sound like but didn’t quite get The Pet Shop Boys then give Damh a listen. The latest single, Dust Road, with its simplistic beauty has hints of John Grant / Jape, but is very much David Burke.

The intimacy of David’s voice charms you along the Dust Road where you feel safe within his soft elcetro beats and jangly guitars that remind you of the alternative days before the big boys came and started to throw their weight around. There’s great strength within the way Damh communicate their message, proving that power doesn’t come with compressing the life out of your music to make it sound as loud as possible.

I believe David Burke to be a great artist / musician / composer and his talent for making these personal intimate songs should be nurtured. His previous EP Toby’s Lament was gloriously lo fi and so easy to fall in love with. Dust Road feels like a progression in sound but without losing the essence of Damh. And it’s that essence, for me, that makes Damh so appealing. They’re not trying to sell a million units, they are trying to communicate an honest pleasure. This why I fell in love with Dust Road and their previous EP Toby’s Lament. I’m sure anyone who listens to them will find something special too.

Dust Road is out now on Band Camp. 1 euro – just 1 euro. That’s quality that is.

Listen to Dust Road Here