Review by Bobby Green

You know it’s summer when you’re driving around town with the windows down and sweet female vocals are filling the airwaves. “Nobody Like U” is the next single from the dynamic female due known as SIIGHTS. Mia hails from from Dublin and Toni from Glasgow, both were accomplished musicians and songwriters in their own fields when they met by chance in summer 2016 in a house studio hidden away in LA writing tracks for other artists. The girls worked so great together that SIIGHTS was born.

Their first collaboration scored over 18.5 million plays on Facebook and launched their music onto an adoring fanbase and with “Nobody Like U” sounding like the smash of the summer it’ll be a worldwide audience these girls will soon be playing to. It’s pop at its finest and most pure. In an era when the genre needs substance and credibility. SIIGHTS could just be the remedy that puts pop music back in the spotlight. Watch this space, there’s a lot more to come from SIIGHTS, their sound is what summers were made for.

SIIGHTS will release their new single “Nobody Like U” on Friday, 23rd June 2017 on iTunes and Spotify.