Review by Bobby Green

As we enter the month of August we could be mistaken in thinking that the best days of the summer have maybe passed and we are left to look forward to a few more golden days in the sun. These ethereal moments are what we treasure most as we bask in the warmth of the beautiful glory of what life can sometimes be. These dreamlike states of majestic wonder need a soundtrack, and every year an album comes along that you treasure for being your guide along these months that lead us from summer into autumn where we wrap ourselves up ready for winters cold hand to point us into the new year.  Aglow and Spark will not only be your guide for these seasonal memories, but it will lift you up above the clouds where the sky is always blue and provide a golden sun for your Indian summer. Its dream like pop perfection will gently caress your soul and kiss you on that exact spot where your emotional self connects to your senses, it’s impossible not to experience pleasure and moments of pure joy when listening to the latest offering from Frankenstein Bolts.

Frankenstein Bolts have the ability to take you out of your hemisphere and hold your hand as they guide you through their vision, and with Aglow and Spark they have created such a golden well for us to fall into and immerse ourselves in that when the album actually finishes you’ll have to take a moment out for yourself to connect with the outside world again. It truly is a remarkably beautiful album.

As an album that was financed by a crowdfunding campaign everyone who contributed to this should feel immensely proud that they are part of making the world a little more beautiful by helping finance this stunning work of art. I’m a firm believer in pledging and crowdfunding, when done correctly it brings artist and fanbase closer and allows albums like this to be created.

Aglow and Spark is out now and is waiting to take you somewhere beautiful.